Here is a list of the questions that we often get asked at Influence Production Studio.

If for some reason you can’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to e-mail us or call

Influence Production Studio at 544-6087 / 09276643398

We’d be more than happy to talk with you.



Can you give me an overview of Influence Production Studio

Well, if it’s audio and sound design related, chances are we can do it.

At Influence Production Studio, we primarily record, edit, and mix voices, sound effects,

and music for radio, television, video, podcasts and other non-traditional media.

(And, if you send us your script ahead of time, we’ll estimate the cost of your project.)

Duplication services are part of the mix here as well.



Does Influence Production Studio offer casting services?

We’re happy to make voice talent recommendations based on what you’re looking for in your script. 

Contact us if you would like any input from our engineers.

We can take a look at your script and discuss your project needs and suggest voice actors to match.

Remember you can always send your scripts in our email.

We have various voice talents in our data base and can schedule immediately when required


Does Influence Production Studio use Pro Tools?

All of Influence Production Studio Recording Studios’ mixing and editing is done using Pro Tools.


What are Influence Production Studio Recording Studios’ rates?

Influence Production Studio is very competitively priced with other audio production facilities in Quezon City.

You check our rates in our SERVICES & RATES page.



Will Influence Production Studio work on a project basis?

Yes. We understand the creative opportunities that these types of projects provide.

We’ll be happy to work out a rate and schedule that will meet everyone’s needs.



How do I book a session at Influence Production Studio?

We’ve included the details on booking a recording session at Influence Production Studio in our Booking / Planner.



What are Influence Production Studio's hours?

Typically, Influence Production Studio’s business hours are 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

However, we have been known to work outside of those hours on request. 

Influence Production Studio is located in Timog, South Triangle, Quezon City (Entertainment District).



Does Influence Production Studio specialize in radio production?

As they say in restaurants, “everything on the menu is excellent” here at

Influence Production Studio, but, in all fairness, radio commercial production is our passionate focus

and emphasis. In fact, sound design for radio is something for which we are known and often considered.

Additionally, due to our extensive music libraries, we’re often sought out for our skills in music searches and

remixing needle-drop music for advertising, entertainment and other projects.



Does Influence Production Studio provide original music options?

Influence Production Studio has close relationships with companies that specialize in

custom music scoring for TV, radio, video and film.



How much time do we need to estimate for a music search?

Influence Production Studio's rule of thumb for a music search is to budget at least 1 – 2 hours

per genre of music.For example, if you intend to produce three radio spots, and you need country

music in one, techno music in another, and salsa music in the third (well, we’d be extremely interested in

knowing what kind of campaign you’re working on!) but that aside, we’d recommend budgeting for

up to 4.5 to 6 hours of search time.Accurate music search budgets allow our engineers to really comb

through our extensive music libraries to find numerous, good options for each style of music that you need.



Does Influence Production Studio do duplication?

Influence Production Studio Recording Studios has the duplication capability to

get you multiple copies of your file or project audio on CD, DVD.



How can I ensure that my session at Influence Production Studio goes as planned?

Because Influence Production Studio wants to make your session go as smoothly as possible,

we’ve assembled some useful tools and helpful information all in one section of our web site.

Check out our detailed session planner, where you’ll find information on booking a session,

scripts, music, sound effects, voice talent.



Who books the sessions at Influence Production Studio?

We’ve included the details on booking (and planning) a session at Influence Production Studio  in our session planner.

You’re welcome to call our studio coordinator, James at 544-6087, and he'll walk you through everything

you need to know to book your session at Influence Production Studio.


Does Influence Production Studio have studio affiliates that might be helpful to my project?

Influence Production Studio would not exist if it weren’t for the hard work and dedication of our valuable partners.



Can you recommend recording studios in other cities?

Yes, we can recommend studios in other area for your convenience.

Please see recording studios on our Affiliates page.

You can also e-mail us or call Influence Production Studio at 544-6087.

We’ll be happy to talk to you about your project.


Does Influence Production Studio offer casting services?

We’re happy to make talent recommendations based on what you’re looking for in your script. 

Contact us if you would like any input from our recording engineers. We’d be happy to take a l

ook at your script and discuss your project needs.



How can I listen to some of your creative work?

To hear some of the creative work of our talented engineers, editors, and sound designers,

listen to the radio and TV advertising on our listen page.

If you require additional samples of our creative work, 

e-mail us or call Influence Production Studio at 544-6087



How many studios does Influence Production Studio have?

Influence Production Studio has 2 studio booths suites with voice-over booths, comfy client workstations

with Apple laptops connected to a wireless network. But, see it all for yourself by taking our studio tour.



What are Influence Production Studio's specs for audio/video files for sessions with video?

Yes, here are the specs for sending audio and video to Influence Production Studio for use in our sessions:



Influence Production Studio can use pretty much any type of QuickTime movie.

If you’re creating the movie just for a session at our studios, however, it would be nice for you to make a

less compressed version than the size of movie files that are often emailed or posted for client approval

as it will look better on our TVs (larger file size, ideally 720×480 pixels). Video DVDs are also acceptable

but obviously require more time to load.




Pro Tools can import an AAF or OMF 2.0 (also called “OMFII”) sequence with linked or embedded audio, but not embedded video. Video should be provided as separate QuickTime movies as stated above. Pro Tools can import, play back, and export an AAF or OMF sequence that either links to media files or has audio embedded within it. It may be most foolproof to use the “Consolidate and Embed” option when creating an AAF or OMF files in Avid, as this creates one file with both sequence information and imbedded media. The other option, “Consolidate and Link to Consolidated Media” will also work without creating such a huge file. For occasions when an embedded OMF file will exceed the 2GB file size limit, the solution would be to create an embedded AAF file (no file size limit) or create an AAF or OMF with linked media. It’s up to the editor. An AAF sequence may refer to (via linked media) or include (via embedded media) MXF media files (audio only), but OMF sequences cannot refer to or include MXF files.



Does Influence Production Studio use Pro Tools?

Influence Production Studio’s entire in-house recording, mixing and editing is done digitally

using the most current version of Digidesign’s Pro Tools at 44.1/48kHz 24bit (unless our clients request other specs).



Contact Us

What is Influence Production Studio's contact info?


Influence Production Studio
# 7 2nd Floor Scouth Borromeo Corner Panay Avenue

South Triangle, Quezon City.


Quezon Avenue, Back of National Bookstore (Crossing Mall)

Above BPI Bank and Pansit Malabon


Tel.: 544-6087 / 5122982 /


Studio Tel: 3734694


Globe: 0926643398


Smart: 09195779955


Email: influence_studio@yahoo.com







Influence Production Studio
# 7 Scout Borromeo Corner Panay

South Triangle, Quezon City

Tel.: 5446087 (Inquiry)

Tel: 3734694 (Studio)

Mobile: 09276643398 / 09195779955


E-mail Us:




Our studios are conveniently located in Timog Area on the second floor of the # 7 Building, Scout Borromeo corner  panay Avenue, South Triangle, Quezon City.


For driving directions and help with finding us in the  # 7 Building, check out our Directions & Maps.



We’re open 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM

Monday through Saturday.

Sunday: By Appointment


We can, and do, accommodate early starts, after-hours and weekend sessions. The billing for any sessions after our regular business hours (including weekends) is at time-and-a-half of our standard hourly studio rate.



To hear some of the creative work of our talented engineers, editors, and sound designers, listen to the radio spots on our Samples page.



At Influence Production Studio, our philosophy is that a creative environment, attention to detail and exemplary customer service ultimately helps you walk out of here with the best possible songs and advertising materials. 



Before booking a session at Influence Production Studio, or maybe even after you’ve already done so, you may want to nose around our booking / planning. We’ve created it in an effort to make a session at Influence Production Studio go as smoothly as possible for writers, producers, clients, voice-over talent, and anyone else who’s going to be part of your audio production recording session.

Quezon Avenue


Influence Recording Studio

# 7 Scout Borromeo Corner Panay Avenue

Above BPI Bank and Pancit Malabon


Quezon Avenue, Back of National Bookstore



Contact Us:


Globe: +639276643398


Smart: +639195779955


PLDT: (02) 544-60-87


E-mail: influence_studio@yahoo.com

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